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Is your VPN Provider Fast and Secured?

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When I heard that some of my friends in college signed up for a VPN (virtual private network) my first thought was, “Isn’t that something illegal?”

I thought people who sign up for VPNs are only those who want to access restricted websites without being tracked down, or those who want to download pirated movies or music tracks anonymously. It was only when I started reading more about VPNs that I found out how important this technology is in today’s world.

We now live in an era where our privacy is threatened everyday. Today, it has become so easy for others to invade our privacy, harvest our personal data that we type into websites and even steal our online identities. Even when we innocently search for something on Google, we are actually leaving breadcrumbs that others can use to understand our online habits.  We can then be targeted for mass mailing and get too many spams in our email.

We are unintentionally giving away our privacy whenever we get online. VPNs can help cloak our IP addresses and make it difficult for cyber criminals to know our location and harvest our personal data.

So I did my research on the most reliable VPN service providers and HideMyAss came well recommended. The name sounded funny, and I remember telling my friend, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Just the same, I signed up for the 1 month subscription to see how it works. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee, which was good, just in case I’m not happy with the service.

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I was amazed at how easily I got into the system, no fuss, in fact, no technical know how needed.  I’ve never had a problem connecting since then and the speed has always been excellent. I also like the fact that someone’s almost always there at Live Chat, just in case I encounter technical problems.

If you’re reading VPN service reviews and comparing providers, I’ll recommend HideMyAss for their excellent service. We have to take threats on our privacy seriously, especially with too many hackers and identity thefts these days.  Go with HideMyAss and you won’t be worried again for your online security. Or if you want to ensure you have your data secured in a safe site or place why don’t you try mypc backup or us the cloud system and be familiar with it by reading cloudbackup reviews.

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Importance of Watching and Reading VPN Tutorials

caution read instructions before using

I do not have a lot of technical experience when it comes to setting up and configuring my smartphone, tablet, computer, and other devices. Any time I get a new device, I turn it on and follow along as I enter in whatever information the device asks for to get it operational or I have the place where I purchased it from configure it for me. But, when I decided to get VPN service because of its added security over other online connections, I had to rely upon my own abilities. Luckily, there were VPN service tutorials available that kept the process easy and simple.

The thing I liked about the VPN service tutorials that came with my service was how they were written and put together for the general users. I did not have to understand all of the technical jargon and complicated words which are sometimes found in these types of instructions. There were pictures and instructions anyone can follow to configure their VPN service. As long as you follow step by step, you will have your own VPN service configured in just a short period of time.

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I also learned how to set up and configure my tablet so I can watch foreign television programs and videos. The VPN service tutorials also showed me how to change my location so I could access this content not accessible through my normal Internet connection. Now, I watch programs, videos, and movies from the United Kingdom, France, and other countries.

When I decided to get VPN service, I took the time to review how complicated this  service tutorials of best VPN available-follow the link so that you were and whether I would be able to understand how to set up my device.

In the end I read this HideMyAss review-read this review because not only were their tutorials easy to understand, but also had  You can read first this  hide my ass review with speed test-click the link to learn how to use it efficiently and how fast is hidemyass vpn service can be.

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